Live-Blogging Jens Soering on Markus Lanz

After a long period of media silence, Jens Söring is going to be featured on the Markus Lanz (g) German talk show tonight, along with American author John Grisham and German criminologist Prof. Bernd Maelicke. The announcement of the show says the theme will mainly be rehabilitation, but Soering will also be allowed to tell “his story”.

Obviously, I’ll be watching to see just how many falsehoods the German public television station ZDF allows Soering to broadcast. I will also live-blog the episode (in English, for my convenience). Check back here at 23:15 GMT +1 for live updates.

2 thoughts on “Live-Blogging Jens Soering on Markus Lanz”

  1. Soering is an opportunist with the social skills of a teenager. He manipulates not just others, but also himself.

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