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New Information about the ZDF, Netflix, and Jens Söring

[Posting in English for now, just for convenience. I’ll translate into German soon.]

I just listened to my interview (g) with Stefan Winterbauer, and in the concluding remarks after the interview he had some interesting things to report. He contacted the ZDF and asked them whether there were any restrictions on the interview with Jens Söring. ZDF responded to him, and said that there were no agreements or understandings with Söring or his media team about the interview. According to the ZDF, the interview was supposed to concentrate on the “human aspects” of Söring’s case: his prison experience, his release, etc. According to the ZDF, there were no prior agreements about which questions or guests would be allowed. I can’t yet find the link to the statement from the ZDF to Winterbauer, but I will post it in German and English when I get it.

Winterbauer and Meier, the co-hosts of the show, described the statement from the ZDF, but added that even if there were no prior agreements about how Söring would be treated, the ZDF’s statement that the interview would mainly be about Söring’s experiences of prison and freedom was not borne out in the interview, since Lanz asked Söring detailed questions about the case and the evidence against him, and Söring was permitted to put forward his side of the story without any critical questioning.

Winterbauer also said that he had gotten in touch with Markus Vetter, the co-director of “Killing for Love / Das Versprechen”, and that Vetter told Winterbauer that he, Markus Vetter, had been contacted by Netflix to direct a new documentary about Söring’s innocence, but that he had declined. So, according to Winterbauer’s information, Markus Vetter has decided not to direct a new documentary about Söring’s case. Winterbauer said he asked Vetter why he had turned the job down, but that Vetter declined to explain why.

I also do not know why Vetter turned the job down. However, I can say that I have been in touch with Markus Vetter, and sent him a copy of my complaint to the ZDF (English version here, German version here), which also included my 17,000-word FAZ article (g) and the full text of the Wright report. I do not know why Vetter turned down the offer to direct the upcoming Netflix documentary, but I can say that he has been provided with a great deal of information about Jens Söring’s claims.

I’ll keep everyone posted here about the latest developments.


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  1. Thanks for the update.
    So when JS could not answer the question “from her?” and they immediately cut to his 1990 video court testimony, that was unplanned?

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