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“Keep Going, Mr. Hammel”

I just received this response to my recent interview (g) with the MEEDIA/Welt podcast “Media Week”. It comes from a German journalist who reported from the USA for many years. I have taken the liberty of translating it into English and editing it to preserve the person’s anonymity.

Dear Mr. Hammel,

I just heard your interview with Meedia and I had earlier read your article at “Übermedien” (the “Ten Commandments”). Unfortunately I could not read your long article in FAZ-“Einspruch”. But you your argument speaks to me directly. I myself was a foreign correspondent…in [the USA] for many years. The German media’s view of the American judiciary is indeed absolutely biased: The judges are incompetent, the prosecutors media-hungry, the accused are always innocent if they are German or are members of a minority group. There were often very specific expectations from the central editorial office, and counter-arguments were simply ignored. They behaved like a child covering its ears and screaming loudly. Thank you for writing your articles!

Incidentally, in my youth I was a fervent supporter of the conspiracy theories surrounding the Kennedy assassination (I worshipped Jim Garrison, that sole, righteous warrior against the powerful apparatus of CIA and big business). Then the book “Case Closed” opened my eyes. In the Söring case, you’re my Gerald Posner!

Keep up the good work, don’t be discouraged, and keep informing the public. Please!

Needless to say, I plan to do just that.

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  1. Andrew is indeed doing a formidable job. And it’s fascinating to follow.

    Though it’s not just the German media that is biased. Jens Soering has led by the nose virtually all of the American media that has covered this case in the past years. Sandy Hausman of Virginia Public Radio, for example, seems willing to print whatever lie Soering comes up next. The most egregious I personally noticed was her published article that claims Virginia’s state crime lab has now concluded the Type O blood found at the crime scene does not belong to Soering.

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