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Jens Söring Disappears on Social Media, ZDF Quadruples its Bet on “Killing for Love”

Söring Flees Social Media

Two interesting items to report in Jens Söring’s campaign to get a “media pardon” from the press which he couldn’t get from the Virginia Parole Board.

First of all, Söring deleted all of his social media accounts a little over a week ago. Just pulled them all down, without any explanation or reasoning. According to people familiar with the situation, Söring did this because some of the response to his posts on Twitter and Facebook had mentioned the name of the person with whom he is currently living, who I’ll call Sandra.

I’m of two minds about this. First and foremost, I disapprove of doxxing, so I can understand the decision. Sandra has never sought out publicity, and deserves to have her privacy respected so long as this is the case. I’ve deleted comments from this blog which I felt were too personal for this reason. On the other hand, though, Sandra is living with a man who is actively seeking publicity right now to sell books and TV series. It’s hard to imagine how she could have thought her name wouldn’t come up. Further, a social media presence is absolutely necessary for writers in these times. Random House will certainly be horrified to hear that Söring has shut down his social media.

I suppose Söring could blog, but blogging is so 2008. His website has no blog and is generally pretty outdated, the last major change was posting a link to the Markus Lanz interview, which Söring obviously — and correctly — perceives as a major propaganda victory.

Söring was also getting some rather nasty comments and criticisms on Facebook and Twitter, which may also have played a role. Needless to say, I also disapprove of that sort of thing. I should note, in all fairness, that Söring continued to permit me to post on his wall and feed until the very end. I admit, I miss him already!

ZDF Continues the “Clear Jens’ Name At All Costs” Propaganda Campaign

But if the Söring media juggernaut took two steps backward in abandoning social media, it’s getting pushed forward five steps by the ever-obliging German mainstream media. ZDF — the channel which broadcast the Lanz interview — just announced (g) big changes to its programming schedule. It cancelled everything it was going to show on Tuesday, 4 August, 2020, and replaced all those shows with a three-hour bloc of Söring programming:


This will apparently be a showing of the multi-part documentary on the Söring case created by Karin Steinberger and Markus Vetter. This documentary was later condensed into the 90-minute feature documentary “Killing for Love”. Perhaps ZDF just plans to show the original documentary, which I believe was about 3 hours long. Or maybe the ZDF will show additional clips from the Lanz interview, or from other sources, to fill out the three hours.

Naturally, I consider it grossly irresponsible for the ZDF to devote three hours of prime-time nationwide television to the thoroughly discredited and misleading work of Steinberger and Vetter. Almost every factual claim in the documentary has been conclusively refuted by independent sources such as Terry Wright, and by my articles for the FAZ. If the ZDF broadcasts the documentary without any skeptical counter-voices or criticism, that will be (yet another) a journalistic travesty of the first order.

Needless to say, I am going to write the ZDF quite soon to make my concerns known. And if the documentary evening goes on as planned, I will, once again, take upon myself the Herculean task of cleaning out the Augean Stables of pro-Söring poppycock.

In the meantime, I’m working on a nice long post about Elizabeth Haysom’s so-called “confession”. And if you have tips or information about Söring’s plans or the ZDF’s sudden programming change, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I am, and will always and forever remain, on social media!

7 thoughts on “Jens Söring Disappears on Social Media, ZDF Quadruples its Bet on “Killing for Love””

  1. Thank you for posting this. I’m not sure why ZDF would air an (extended version) outdated documentary on this case, as surely everyone with an interest in this case will have seen it anyway. In my personal opinion, it lacks objectivity and is particularly one-sided in favour of Soering. Some of the information contained in it needs correcting. We see Ed Sulzbach stating “I settled on the daughter”, however one look at the actual FBI file shows he did not. According to that FBI profile, a woman called M.F.H. was their suspect and she was later on ruled out after providing footprints and fingerprints. In that sense, the documentary is misleading. There are a few other aspects that are problematic / misleading. As for “Sandra”, I agree with you that online doxxing is horrendous. That said, there is a videoclip available (behind a paywall) on the website of a major German newspaper In which “Sandra’s” mum welcomes Jens and introduces herself loudly in front of the entire press as “Sandra’s” mother. If neither Sandra nor her parents sought or are seeking publicity or media attention, they should perhaps have behaved differently. Or perhaps his PR manager should have had a better strategy from the get go? One gets the impression that none of the professionals he surrounds himself with know enough about him, his life or indeed the case in order to provide proper advice. The social media exit was hence inevitable. If I was him, I’d rely on / trust my longtime confidants/friends. Those that were close to him and by his side long before he was released. Looking forward to your next post on Elizabeth Haysom!

  2. Der Link zu dem Mitschnitt der Lanz-Sendung auf der HP ist tot. Zwei solcher Youtube-Videos wurden aus urheberrechtlichen Gründen gelöscht. Zwei waren heute Abend noch online. Nur zur Info.

  3. While it is true that he CURRENTLY has no blog, he had one in the past. Between 2010 and 2014 he regularly published blog texts. They were removed from his website, but can still be accessed using

    For some time he even allowed comments, but they were turned off after too much critical content. Some of the comments can still be accessed, probably due to oversight:

    In addition he also wrote some texts called “Flaschenpost” where he responded to questions by readers:

    If you click on “Freundeskreis” there is also some information about the members of his “Freundeskreis”.

  4. Es wird nur auf ZDF-Info gezeigt (Nischenkanal) und wohl einfach dreimal hintereinander wiederholt (keine ‘extended’ Version).

  5. Den Rückzug von Jens Söring aus sämtlichen sozialen Medien werden sich wohl einige der selbsternannten „Gerechten“ auf ihre Fahnen schreiben und als Erfolg verbuchen. Obwohl manche von ihnen nun durchaus Jens Söring als leicht gefundene, ideale Hassfigur missen werden. Aber was soll’s? Das nächste Ziel ist sicher schnell gefunden.
    Viele der Söringkritischen Kommentare in diesen sozialen Medien waren übergriffig, aggressiv und hasserfüllt. Da wurde sich von einigen der Akteure scheinheilig die Maske der Menschlichkeit übergezogen und dann einfach wild drauflos gedroschen. Von der Denunzierung der vermuteten Partnerin von Söring mal ganz zu schweigen!
    Fazit: Es war einfach widerlich!
    Das Ganze entwickelte sich zu einer Lehrvorführung dessen, was derzeit alles in den sozialen Medien aus dem Ruder laufen kann.

  6. Lieber Andrew Hammel

    Zu der „Programmänderung“ beim ZDF nur schnell folgende Information: Die Ausstrahlung der vierteiligen Dokumentation findet bei ZDF Info, nicht im Hauptsender ZDF statt. Das ist ein sogenannter Spartenkanal, der nur verhältnismäßig geringe Zuschauerzahlen hat. Dort ist es durchaus üblich, Dokumentationsreihen „im Stück“, also sämtliche Folgen an einem Abend bis teilweise tief in die Nacht hinein zu senden. Beispiele: Erster Weltkrieg, Zweiter Weltkrieg, Komplizen des Bösen (Männer an der Macht des Naziregimes) etc. pp. Oder auch so hübsche Dinge wie die Entstehung der Welt in zehn Folgen.

    Das heißt erst einmal, es ist kein Programm für ein Massenpublikum und es werden auch nicht so viele Zuschauer sehen.

    Meines Erachtens aber möglicherweise immer noch zu viele, die den waghalsigen Positionen der Filmemacher „ausgeliefert“ sein werden, ohne auch nur eine kritische Gegenstimme zu erhalten.

    Wie es zu der Programmänderung kam, ist aber wirklich eine interessante Frage.

    Vielleicht sollte man erstens individuell beim ZDF insistieren und zweitens überlegen, ob man mit einer konzertierten Aktion im Vorfeld eine Beschwerde lanciert und die Absetzung fordert. Das könnte aber in Hinblick auf die „Pressefreiheit“ schwierig sein.

    Auf jeden Fall wäre ich als erfahrene „Medien- und Fernsehfrau“ sofort dabei!

    Mit besten Grüßen und weiterhin viel Erfolg
    Paula Lewis

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