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A Speech (in German) on Confessions

Sorry for the light posting recently. I’ve had some time-consuming projects, including preparing for this speech. I was invited by the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Düsseldorf to give a lecture on how confessions are handled from a legal perspective, as part of a lecture series on forensic linguistics. Here’s a link, in case you’re interested. As always, critique and commentary welcome!

2 thoughts on “A Speech (in German) on Confessions”

  1. Interesting to hear that you are about to write a book about the “Soering case”.
    I’m asking myself,if Soering (or his supporters; so called “Freundeskreis”) will file a lawsuit against you.
    If not (as i expect), that would be Soering’s final confession in my eyes…

    1. If they were going to file a lawsuit, they would have done so already. There are three reasons they haven’t. First of all, I try to get the facts right, and usually do. Second, I don’t attack Söring in harsh or personal terms and I respect his privacy. Third, as a convicted murderer, Söring doesn’t have much of a reputation left to defend.

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