Blog Pause but More to Come

Well, the round of interviews surrounding Söring’s new book seems to be nearing its end, if it’s not already over. I wanted to use the spate of extra attention to make counter-arguments to what Söring was saying, and I hope I succeeded.

I’m now going on a short vacation, and probably won’t post for a week, unless Söring is named a Cabinet minister or something. I need some time off, and to get back to my regular work.

However, I will be coming back in early October with more installments of important case documents. I will be posting the entire direct and cross-examination of Jens Söring during his main trial in June 1990. Every single word! The examination goes on for 2 days and hundreds of pages, so this will be a pretty big undertaking. But I think anyone who wants to form an opinion on the case should be able to judge Söring’s trial testimony on the merits.

In any event, there’s plenty to read on the site already. As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch.

3 thoughts on “Blog Pause but More to Come”

  1. Hurry back! Soering could be preparing to launch another volume of his humongous autobiography ‘Die Endzeiten’. I heard from Sussex 1 that ‘Lieben ist Gegangriff’ could already be in galleys.

  2. A glitch. Should be ‘Gegenangriff.’ Later critics will note how well this balances out the central motion of Soering’s ‘Mein Krieg.’ I would go so far as to argue that ‘Ge-gang-griff’ sort of works…

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