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Note to Friends and Colleagues: Someone’s Investigating Me

It’s come to my attention, as we lawyers say, that someone is probing into my background, verifying my credentials (successfully, because they’re all legit) and may well be potentially contacting colleagues and friends to try to find out more about my background.

Let me make something clear: This has nothing to do with any misconduct on my part. This appears to be an effort by journalists or Söring allies (the two groups overlap considerably), or some combination of the two. To be clear, I don’t know exactly who’s behind this investigation or how ambitious it is, but I have conclusive proof it’s happening.

If someone contacts you asking about me, feel free to tell them to take a hike. Or answer all of their questions; I’ve got nothing to hide. However, I would appreciate it if you could ask them exactly who they are and who they are working for, and then relay that information to me. Make sure to pin them down and demand specific documents and credentials. I’d really appreciate it.

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