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Exciting News: Upcoming Jens Söring Podcast

If you’ve been following Jens Söring’s media campaign in Germany, you may have  noticed something odd. Every time he’s interviewed, the interviewer says something like: “This is neither the time nor the place to debate Jens Söring’s guilt or innocence.” I, for one, happen to think the question of whether the person sitting across from you at the interview table stabbed two people to death is pretty important.1

I’m delighted to announce that is all going to change soon. I have been working with a great team of people on a new German-language podcast about the Jens Söring case. And this time, for the very first time in the German-language media landscape, we will address the question of whether Jens Söring actually killed Derek and Nancy Haysom. Should you believe Söring’s story, or the prosecution’s? Which makes more sense? How plausible are Söring’s innocence claims? How strong is the evidence (if any) pointing to other suspects?

The new 8-part podcast will address all of these questions and much, much more. There will be interviews with experts and with case insiders who have never spoken publicly before. You’ll learn new facts about the case, some of them pretty startling, and especially about how Söring managed to convince so many people of his innocence by skilled manipulation of the media. It will be a balanced enough presentation, but it will concentrate mainly on facts about the case which have rarely or never been reported in the German media, some of which Team Söring really wishes you wouldn’t find out about.

That’s only fair, since every single German press report so far (except for mine) has either ignored the guilt/innocence question, or has presented only a pro-Söring version of the facts. Of course, the podcast team has reached out to (or will reach out) to every prominent supporter of Söring, and to the man himself. The pattern so far, however, has been for Team Söring to simply ignore voices critical of Söring’s innocence claims (basically, me), so it seems unlikely any supporters will respond favorably. I have repeatedly invited any supporter of Jens Söring’s innocence claims to debate me on the issue, but nobody has taken me up on the offer.

I can’t really say more at this point, since we want to keep some things under wraps. But the podcast is well on its way to completion. There’s still not a firm broadcast date, but it will certainly come out in the next months. I will post updates as matters progress.

  1. Germany is a country which prides itself on confronting the truth about the past. I always wonder whether a sentence like this would ever be spoken on German TV: “My guest tonight is Ulf Kornhagel, who was convicted of being a Nazi war criminal in 1985. He has always maintained his innocence. So tonight we won’t be talking about the important, but complicated, question of whether he ordered the execution of civilians. Instead, we’ll be talking about his award-winning organic honey!”

4 thoughts on “Exciting News: Upcoming Jens Söring Podcast”

  1. Ich freue mich auf den Podcast 😉

    Leider darf man auf nicht mehr darüber schreiben. Finde diese Zensur einfach das allerletzte und freue mich über ihre Arbeit auf diesem blog

  2. Great news! This is definitely where the interest is. The innocence claims have run their course.
    Please provide english synopses if you can.
    Is this the Small Town Big Crime crew?

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