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New Söring Podcast Drops February 22

On 22 February, a new podcast (in German) about the case of Jens Söring called Das System Söring (g) drops.

It won’t be anything like all of the previous podcasts and movies and articles about the case, which either broadcast Söring’s innocence claims uncritically or simply brushed aside the question of his guilt.

This podcast will address, for the first time, the question of whether Jens Söring’s allegations of innocence and unfair treatment are actually credible. Does his version make sense? Is he a credible source of information about his case?

Here’s my quick English translation of the German-language introduction:

It’s one of the most sensational true-crime stories of recent decades: On March 30, 1985, the parents of U.S. student Elizabeth Haysom were brutally murdered in their Virginia home. They had apparently been eating and drinking with their killer beforehand. Haysom’s boyfriend — the German diplomat’s son and student Jens Söring — and Elizabeth Haysom herself were arrested in London in April 1986. The Söring System tells the story of a German man convicted of two murders who was released on parole from a U.S. prison in 2019 and extradited to Germany.

Since Söring’s conviction he, together with a network of supporters, has been trying to convince the public of his version of events. The Söring System relies on facts, reports and previously unheard exclusive voices — including a former confidante of Söring, a former Scotland Yard investigator and a police officer, both of whom were involved with the case. The question of guilt was decided by a U.S. court in 1990.

Since then, many narratives have circulated about the case. And yet, the public’s understanding of the case is incomplete. With this podcast, listeners can form their own picture – based on reports and facts that are brought together in this form for the first time. A production of CCC Cinema and Television and argon.lab.

Go sign up if you’re interested. You’ll learn plenty of new things about the case!

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