“A Very Cold, Calculated Libel by a Desperate Young Man”

Frequent commenter Francis Wheatley, responding to my recent post about the the attacks on Jim Farmer in “Killing for Love”, was in the courtroom in 1990 when Jens Söring attacked Jim Farmer and describes the reaction:

Jim Farmer’s father is the Honorable James [middle name removed by me] Farmer. He was for many years the judge of the General District Court of Bedford County. That court is in the same building as the circuit court. I regarded this statement by Jens as an attack on the court itself. I felt very tense hearing that, and I knew that many people in the courtroom that day knew exactly who Jim Farmer was. And I knew it was a very cold, calculated libel by a desperate young man.

According to my understanding, Jim Farmer’s surviving relatives are well aware of Söring’s attacks — how could they not be? — but have never chosen to take action, since the accusations were unfounded and nobody outside of Söring’s tiny inner circle ever took them seriously.

Until two German journalists came along in the 2010s….

2 thoughts on ““A Very Cold, Calculated Libel by a Desperate Young Man””

  1. He’s clearly not rehabilitated.
    Did he follow any (rehabilitation) courses in prison?
    We know that Elizabeth made good use of what was on offer.
    Dog training and a computerised graphic design package which she became a leading expert in. So much so, that the course moved with her to Fluvanna.

  2. Will Elizabeth’s prison musings be published?
    Further Glimpses from Inside is no longer accessible but were interesting.

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