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Jens Söring and The Top-Secret Sindelfingen/Böblingen Invitation

Sounds Harry Potter-esque, doesn’t it?

Jens Söring apparently did actually give a speech at the Sindelfingen/Böblingen (yes, those city names sound just as funny in German, but they’re truly delightful places, I’ve been there) “Health Weeks” yesterday.

This doubtless surprised some of the audience. Until about a week ago, the program announcement for the event looked like this:

This reads “Live Event — Freedom and Joie de Vivre”. The text under Söring reads: “Jens Söring: My Experiences after 33 years as an Innocent Man in Prison”. Another part of the live event apparently involves a screening of the movie “Gaza Surf Club“.

After complaints, it was changed to this:

Söring has been replaced with Eric Standopp, “Facereader”, whatever that might be. The current program announcement for this event, which you can read here, doesn’t mention (g) Jens Söring at all.

Apparently Söring did in fact give some sort of speech there, perhaps because the producers didn’t feel like defending a potential breach-of-contract lawsuit. But anyone who had consulted the program recently would have been surprised to see him there.

This raises an interesting conceptual question: Is a public invitation to hear a speech in which the actual speaker is never mentioned really an invitation of that speaker to give a speech? Something for the the philosophers to chew on!

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