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‘Fascist’ as a Political Insult

Björn Höcke (g) is the baby-faced reactionary high school history teacher whom every right-thinking German loves to hate. He’s been called every name in the book, and any public appearance by him usually attracts a counter-demonstration. A left-wing German group called the Center for Political Beauty even built a miniature replica of the Holocaust Memorial next… Continue reading ‘Fascist’ as a Political Insult

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Facebook Ban Before the Federal Constitutional Court

The Federal Constitutional Court has just issued a preliminary injunction (einstweilige Anordnung) in what may turn out to be a landmark case about the constitutionality of Facebook bans. The case involves a Facebook post from January 21, 2019 by a far-right group called the "Third Way" (Der III. Weg), which bills itself as "National, Revolutionary,… Continue reading Facebook Ban Before the Federal Constitutional Court